Dayton Poetry Slam

Dayton Poetry Slam

Event Details: 
Sunday, February 18, 2018 - 7:30pm

So, it's post Valentine's Day and we have a poetry slam. Bring your poems about love, love lost, or even poems that don't deal with love at all. We have a stage for you!

The first half of the evening will be an open mic, and the second half will be the poetry slam. Please remember, you can only sign up for one.

The open mic and slam are both open to anyone, if you plan on slamming remember you'll need at least three pieces to read and they should all be three minutes and ten seconds or less.

Signup/Doors: 7pm (get there early, we've had a great turnout of late and signup spaces are filling up quickly and early)

Start Time: 7:30pm

Don't forget your $2 donation, it helps keep the slam going and allows us to bring in all the great features you've seen.