Artist of the Month

Megan Fiely
We are excited to announce our March artist - Megan Fiely! See a preview of her work at the Rainy Day Ramble on Saturday the 3rd then see the complete collection the following week until the end of the month.

Megan’s Artist Statement:

I am a visual artist residing in Dayton's South Park neighborhood. Previously, I have lived in Colorado and Kansas and have been inspired by those landscapes, but I especially enjoy Ohio, my home state. Since returning here just one year ago I have been intensely inspired by the plant life and nature that resides inside of the city. Most of the works shown here are from this most recent stretch of work, which has been a feverish painting spree that started sometime in spring of 2017. I am proud of this collection because it represents my arrival at my own style and working philosophy. Up to this point, all of my paintings have been imitations of artists I admire or work nearby. Finally, I am able to show you work that is my own.

I wish to express my relationship with the world through painting. I specifically try to portray the way I perceive light and sound as it moves through space, as well as an obvious love of bright color. But my art is not simply about arriving at and admiring a final product. I am very much immersed in the process and struggle of creation.

This leads to my philosophy and mission statement: I believe that humans should create daily. We should be building, digging, writing, singing, sculpting, or cooking a perfect meal! There is something therapeutic and transcendental in the creative process. Sometimes I think it’s cortisol release, other times I'm sure I'm communing with the universe. In any case, I know am addicted to the dreamlike feeling I arrive at after uninterrupted hours of painting. Leaving the studio, I have processed many unrelated thoughts while seemingly thinking of nothing but color and shape. My goal is to inspire others to engage their subconscious through art.

When painting isn't calling me as strongly, I also enjoy knitting colorful hats and sewing modern quilts. I love the slowest of performance arts: gardening. I would love to see people wearing and surrounding themselves with a lot more color and allow myself to indulge in as much of it as I want. Normcore makes me sad. I hold a Masters of Arts in Policy History (focusing on art policy) from Bowling Green State University and am currently searching for an impactful job in Dayton. In the meantime, I am sharing my life with 2 dogs, 2 cats, a cute sound guy, and the best group of friends I could imagine.

I hope you enjoy my work!

Megan Fiely

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